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Filling the Pool for Summer Can Lead to Water Damage

Summer is not far around the corner, and as the end of May approaches, you’re imagining filling your swimming pool with water. You’re in the front of your property cleaning the yard, while you son is dutifully filling the pool in the backyard. The hope is that the pool water will be warm enough to enjoy when Memorial Day rolls around. You make your way around the back to see that your son has abandoned his responsibility, and the pool is overflowing with a river running into the open basement window. After you quickly shut off the water, you make your way into the basement to assess the water damage. Where in Baltimore County, MD, can you find water damage restoration?

Water damage goes beyond what you can see. Water damage doesn’t just stop with the surface damage. Water takes the path of least resistance and soaks into furnishings, dry wall, and anything else that is absorbent. It’s absolutely important that all of the water be removed from the room; if any water is left behind, then you run the risk of having mold and mildew growth. Don’t leave yourself open to secondary damage; it’s important that you protect your home and items.

Water extraction is a multistep process. The size and type of room that has been flooded dictates the type of water extraction you’ll need. The larger the room and the more absorbent the materials in that room, the more complicated the water extraction process is. To get the water out of the room as well as out of the items in the room, you can use pumps, wet vacuums, or pails. Once the water has been removed, you need to dry the room, which involves a number of different options: dehumidifiers, fans, or open windows that creating a cross flow. Many times, the best option for drying out a room is to use a combination of the preceding methods. This ensures that everything in the room is completely dried out.

Using a professional service ensures that your home and business are returned to normal quickly. ServiceMaster of Bel Air offers its water damage restoration services to the people of Baltimore County, MD. Our technicians are trained in all the latest tools and techniques to ensure that the right services are used to make sure your belongings are returned to normal. ServiceMaster of Bel Air offers tools and techniques to detect whether the moisture has been fully removed from a room. It’s important that all water be removed, so being able to detect the moisture left in the walls and furnishings is vital.

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