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Be Ready If Winter Offers a Need for Water Damage Restoration

Unless you really enjoy snowy weather, winter has been a stressful and annoying time for folks in Bel Air, MD. Let’s face it; shoveling your sidewalk and driveway can be a chore, and having to drive in snowy and icy conditions is the furthest from fun that can be imagined. Then there’s the trouble that can develop from above. We’re not talking falling icicles from trees or roof eaves. We’re thinking of the water damage that can develop from all the snow and melting that follows. When that happens, some Bel Air, MD residents and businesses may find themselves in need of some serious water damage restoration.

When snow accumulates it eventually melts, creating ice and water. Melting can also create opportunities for water to back up and seep in, under, and around your shingles, roof vents, or chimney. In short order you can incur ceiling damage from the incoming water. While the water stains on your ceiling are pretty obvious, how to handle the water damage restoration and avoid even bigger problems are a little more involved.

At ServiceMaster of Bel Air, we know what you’re up against with winter water damage restoration. Those hidden leaks not only lead to staining but could also be the start of even greater issues such as mold and mildew. We recommend our professional water damage restoration, and we can ensure the water damage in your home gets our expert attention.

After evaluating your water damage issues, our ServiceMaster pros will recommend specific water removal techniques and assist you in coming up with a proper drying plan to deal with all the excess moisture. The plan will likely involve three types of drying: air movement, dehumidification, and frequent monitoring of the moisture levels. We’ll also ensure the proper areas receive an anti-microbial treatment to deal with the mold and mildew concerns that may not only affect ceiling or attic areas but also adjoining walls and floors.

Our prompt attention, expertise, and great communication will work to your advantage when we handle your water damage restoration. We should be your first call in Bel Air, MD at (800) 570-4206. ServiceMaster of Bel Air is always ready to offer you peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.