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Water Damage from a Broken Fridge

With the cool breezes blowing through Harford County, MD comes the preparations for the annual neighborhood Halloween party. This year you’re making your devilishly delicious yet visually gruesome zombie punch, complete with frozen grape eyeballs. While you’re in the kitchen preparing the punch, the fridge starts to make the weirdest worrying sounds. The next thing you know, there’s water gushing from under the fridge and spreading everywhere like crazy! Once the water to the fridge is shut off, you discover that the water line has somehow become disconnected. Where in Harford County, MD can you find water damage restoration help to clean up this nasty mess?

Water Damage Can Be Difficult to Clean Up

 Water can quickly spread everywhere. Not only is it going to be on your floor, but it’ll get soaked into everything it comes into contact with, like walls, carpeting, and furniture. Because various types of materials absorb water differently, water cleanup can be a very difficult task. Plus, not everything in the home dries at the same rate, which makes the home and the contents within susceptible to mold and mildew growth.

Water damage can occur from natural disasters as well as appliance malfunctions. Regardless of what caused the water damage, it’s important for it to be thoroughly dried as quickly as possible. Using resources like the Red Cross can help, but for best results, cleanup needs to be performed by professionals to ensure it’s done correctly and protect the safety of your family.

Call on the Professionals for Your Water Damage Restoration Needs

 Using the professional services of ServiceMaster of Bel Air will take all the stress and worry off your shoulders. Our technicians are trained on every step of the process, from the inspection of the area to the drying and cleaning. Each step is important to ensure there isn’t any water left that could result in mold or mildew growth. If mold and mildew get a chance to grow, you run the risk of serious health issues developing.

When you’re faced with water damage, the first step is always inspection and assessment. You have to know what can be saved and cleaned and what can’t. Knowing this will make the water cleanup process easier for the technicians helping you out. They know exactly which tools and techniques are needed to achieve the best results.

Don’t face water damage alone. When disaster strikes, contact ServiceMaster of Bel Air immediately at (800) 570-4206 to ensure your Harford County, MD water damage restoration services are performed thoroughly, safely, and as quickly as possible.