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Sprucing Up Your House with Upholstery Cleaning in Elizabethtown, PA

Furniture is an easy way to make your Elizabethtown, PA house feel like a home. Whether you prefer modern statement pieces or classic family heirlooms, your furniture can, in many ways, define the aesthetics and overall feeling of your living space. For many families, this means that minor upholstery cleaning and touch-ups is a staple […]

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Smoke Damage Cleanup to Make Your Rental Like New

The tenant in your Baltimore County, MD, rental has moved out. They’ve been living there for several years, and now it’s time for you to go in and clean it out. As you walk in, the overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke hangs heavy, and there are soot marks on the walls from candles and who […]

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You Don’t Have to Do Water Extraction Alone

Your basement is flooded; clothing is floating, and the walls are swollen with all the extra water. It’s the worst mess you’ve ever seen, and you have no idea how to start the cleanup process. Where in Harford County, MD, can you find help with water extraction?   Water extraction isn’t easy. In practice, as […]

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Snow and Ice Can Mean Storm Damage Cleanup

Winter in Baltimore County, MD, has been brutal this year with icy, wintery storms. You haven’t been able to get the roof of your home cleaned off like you normally do and now you have huge ice dams. The weight of the ice and snow has started to cause the roof to cave in, so […]

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Fire Restoration for Burnt Office Popcorn

You’re working hard in your office in Harford County, MD, when suddenly the fire alarms go off and people start hurrying out the door. Afterwards, you find out that someone had put a bag of popcorn in the microwave but incorrectly set the timer. The bag caught fire, but instead of putting the bag in […]

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Ice Storm Damage Cleanup

Winter is blowing across Harford County, MD, ahead of the holiday season. The temperatures this year have been lower than usual, and as a result, your home has been pummeled by more storms. The latest storm was an ice storm that coated everything and making everything stop in its tracks. You had an ice-covered branch […]

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Fire Damage Made It a Halloween Night to Remember!

It’s Halloween night and the late October winds are howling through the trees like a werewolf at the full moon. Suddenly there’s smoke pouring into your house – one of the jack-o’-lanterns on the front porch has blown over, spewing hot, flaming candle wax onto the siding, flooring, and porch railing! Fire damage has hit […]

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There’s Been a Break-In! Disaster Restoration in Baltimore County, MD

It’s a nice September Monday morning with the promise of a beautiful day. You pull into your parking spot and notice that the back door to your business is hanging off its hinges. Once the police have cleared the building you get a clear look at all the damage left behind. The place is a […]

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Family Dinner Went Up in Flames! Fire Damage Restoration in Harford County, MD

It’s another September Sunday in Harford County, MD, and it’s your turn to serve family dinner. As the family begins to arrive the oven abruptly bursts into flames, and suddenly you’re fighting to save your home. Not your finest culinary moment, and now the kitchen is a burned-out mess. Where in Harford County, MD can […]

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With Summer Comes Summer Storms! Disaster Restoration in Harford County, MD

The weather in Harford County, MD, has been crazy this year. Winter was long and hard, and the weather skipped over spring entirely. The summer has been hot and dotted with plenty of strong storms to keep everyone on their toes. The latest storm included strong winds and large hail resulting in storm damage not […]

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