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Candle Sparks Fire Damage Restoration

Warm, gentle May breezes are blowing, and you’ve opened the house and are burning scented candles to remove the stale winter air. While in the laundry room folding clothes, you smell something burning. As you dash into the living room you find the curtains are in flames and the wall is quickly catching! Once the […]

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Water Damage Restoration for a Breakroom Fridge Leak

It’s another fantastic March afternoon in Harford County, MD, and the office has been extremely busy. As you head to the breakroom for a quick snack, you notice there’s a lake surrounding the refrigerator! The water supply line has ruptured and it’s spewing water everywhere! You quickly turn off the water supply, but what do […]

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Post-Winter Carpet Cleaning in Your Elizabethtown, PA Home

Carpet cleaning is really a process that should be done regularly year-round, but the carpet care experts with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up know that it’s a chore that often falls by the wayside. Good carpet cleaning can mean heavy lifting and extensive bending, and if your Elizabethtown, PA home has a lot of […]

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Break-in at the Shop! Do You Need Disaster Restoration?

As the warm weather rolls into Baltimore County, MD, more people are out and about enjoying the sunshine, and perhaps, up to no good. You pull up to the outside of your shop and see the police sitting out front. The big front window has been smashed and the shop is in shambles. Where do […]

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Get Spring Cleaning Done Quickly With Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Spring cleaning is right around the corner! As summer approaches, so do graduation parties and summer get-togethers. Dusting wood surfaces, bringing out the patio furniture, and cleaning carpeting are just some of the things on a party-preparation checklist. While it can be time consuming, getting your home ready to host guests can be a rewarding […]

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Disaster has Struck! Find Professional Disaster Restoration in Pikesville, MD

March has brought warmer weather and melting snow to Pikesville, MD. Residents are starting to venture about, and business is slowly picking up again. As you arrive at work and park your car behind the building, you notice the back door is open. You carefully enter and, to your dismay, find your business was broken […]

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The Bonfire Got Out of Hand! Time for Fire Damage Restoration

The April winds bring warmer weather and the fun of weekend bonfires in Harford County, MD. After a late-night bonfire, your family goes to bed, only to be woken later by the smell of smoke. The bonfire wasn’t completely out, and drifting embers ignited the side of the house. In the aftermath of the fire, […]

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What Kind of Water Damage Can Happen in Jarrettsville, MD? More Importantly, How Can ServiceMaster by Libby Green’s Water Damage Restoration Help Me Prevent It?

  Everyone knows that disaster is unpredictable. Whether you like it or not, a flood can happen to the best of us. Even the most meticulous planners can fall victim to serious water damage that may end up costing them hundreds upon thousands of dollars in the long run, depending on the extent of the […]

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There’s a Pool in Your Shop! You Need Water Damage Restoration

It’s a beautiful spring morning and you’re looking forward to a busy day at your shop. When the sun is shining people like to shop, so business should be great. As you enter the backdoor, you hear what sounds like rushing water. Racing to the front, you’re met with a horrific sight – the front […]

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Disaster Restoration for When Disaster Strikes!

The spring winds are blowing through, bringing warmer weather and drying out the land. The winter has been brutal with lots of snow and ice, and as a result, ice dams have taken over a large section of your roof. While everything is warming up and drying out, the ice dams are shifting on your […]

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