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Flood Damage Prevention and Cleanup

Living in Baltimore County, MD, you sometimes experience hurricanes and heavy rains that can result is flash flooding situations. Knowing how to be prepared for flooding and preventing flood damage is important to ensure that you, your family, and your belongings can ride out the storms safely.   Move everything you can out of the […]

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Summer Storm Season Means Disaster Restoration!

The year 2020 has been challenging to say the least. Some challenges, like Covid-19, have been new, but others, such as summer storms, have been plaguing Harford County, MD, for years on end. The summer storm season has been long this year, and as September approaches, the August storms have left their share of damage. […]

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Water Damage Restoration for Your Business

Imagine your business is in the middle of a busy day when the building’s sprinklers suddenly activate, and everyone is being showered with water. You rush out of the building to see fire department trucks pulling up. Once the fire fighters deactivate your sprinkler system, you realize that there wasn’t a fire but a malfunction […]

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A Broken Pipe in the Sprinkler Line! Water Damage Repair in Fallston, MD

It’s been a busy week at your Fallston, MD office. With the completion of each holiday, your workload increases over the next few weeks. You’ve made it home for the weekend and are looking forward to some time to relax before the next week begins. As you’re sitting down to dinner with your family your […]

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Summer Storms May Mean Disaster Restoration

As June rolls in, spring slowly turns to summer. While the country has gone through one of the biggest health challenges it has faced in centuries, mother nature doesn’t take a break. Spring was ‘easy’ with just thunderstorms and the occasional high winds. However, how do you prepare for the summer storms that could assault […]

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Saturated Soil and High Winds! Disaster Restoration in Jarrettsville, MD

The weather in Jarrettsville, MD as of late has been so rainy and gray you feel like you’re going to float away. The ground is so soggy it feels like you’re walking on sopping wet sponges. You were just listening to the weather report and heard there’s a chance for high winds tonight into tomorrow. […]

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Disaster Restoration from Summer Storms!

With the summer sun comes summer storms. Thunder, lightning, high winds, heavy rains, and sometimes hail! After the storms abate, your Baltimore County, MD, home may be left in a state of disaster. Holes in the walls or roof can result from fallen tree limbs and high winds, and your building and belongings may now […]

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Fire Damage Restoration from 4th of July Fun!

With July comes the annual 4th of July celebrations. Bonfires and cookouts fill the day with yummy food, fun, excitement, and laughter. But cookouts and bonfires involve open flames which can pose a danger if not properly used and supervised. Do you know how to prevent fire damage to your Harford County, MD home from […]

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Candle Sparks Fire Damage Restoration

Warm, gentle May breezes are blowing, and you’ve opened the house and are burning scented candles to remove the stale winter air. While in the laundry room folding clothes, you smell something burning. As you dash into the living room you find the curtains are in flames and the wall is quickly catching! Once the […]

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Water Damage Restoration for a Breakroom Fridge Leak

It’s another fantastic March afternoon in Harford County, MD, and the office has been extremely busy. As you head to the breakroom for a quick snack, you notice there’s a lake surrounding the refrigerator! The water supply line has ruptured and it’s spewing water everywhere! You quickly turn off the water supply, but what do […]

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