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Be Ready If Winter Offers a Need for Water Damage Restoration

Unless you really enjoy snowy weather, winter has been a stressful and annoying time for folks in Bel Air, MD. Let’s face it; shoveling your sidewalk and driveway can be a chore, and having to drive in snowy and icy conditions is the furthest from fun that can be imagined. Then there’s the trouble that […]

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We’re Here for You When Trauma Cleanup Is More than an Unusual Chore

Most of us aren’t prepared for the passing of a loved one, but a traumatic death can be even more devastating. Death from a long-term illness is not as surprising as a sudden death because we know the ill person could pass away. Sometimes death happens in a hospital, but when it occurs in your […]

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A Broken Bathroom Fans Leads to Mold Remediation

Spring in Baltimore County, MD brings sun and warming weather. You’ve been working hard in the yard all day and the warm shower feels great on your sore muscles. As you rinse your hair you look up to the ceiling and notice a large dark area that hadn’t been there before. After your shower you […]

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COVID-19 Disinfection Assistance in Bel Air, MD

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted businesses in Bel Air, MD, and the surrounding communities. All businesses are doing their best to safely stay open and we’re here to help. ServiceMaster of Bel Air offers COVID-19 disinfection help for businesses. Whether you’re reopening after a positive case or just want to ensure your business is […]

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A Leaky Water Heater Results in Water Damage

It’s your first day of work for the new year, but you’re tired and groggy and just want to jump into a warm shower to wake up. You turn the water on to let it warm up, but when you jump in, you find it hasn’t warmed up at all. You spend the entire shower […]

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Disaster Restoration from Storm Damage

The last week of the year brought with it a huge snowstorm. The snow level is as high as your knees when you wade down the sidewalk. With the cold temperatures and the high winds, you haven’t been able to get out and rake off the snow from your roof. As you sit snuggly in […]

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Water Damage from an Open Basement Window

As the holidays get closer, the Harford County, MD, winter weather settles in. In the last week, there has been high winds and lots of snow. Today, there is a break with temps in the 40s, allowing a little of the snow to melt before the next big storm. You’re busy getting the house ready […]

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You Need Water Damage Cleanup Because the Family Destroyed the House

The holiday season is upon you and your home in Baltimore, MD, has become a hotel for your entire family. Every room has been turned into a bedroom and the bathroom is being shared by nine different people. You hear running water on the other side of the bathroom door, and when you open it, […]

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Disaster Restoration for a Hole in Your Roof Caused from Hanging Lights

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is around the corner, so your husband is on the roof putting up this year’s light display. Normally, you keep it low-key, but with how this year has been going, you decide to go all out and light up the entire house. As you’re placing your pine-scented candles on the […]

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