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Fire Damage Restoration Because of an Oven Fire

Your work day was hectic from start to finish, and as you’re pulling into the driveway of your Baltimore County, MD home, you can’t wait to plop into your easy chair and curl up under a blanket. As you walk through the door, however, your assaulted by a cloud of smoke and blaring smoke alarms. […]

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Water Damage Restoration from a Burst Pipe

The frigid January winds are blowing in Harford County, MD, and you and your family have just returned from a wonderful tropical vacation. As you all trudge through the door, everyone comments that the house feels way too cold. You quickly check the thermostat and are shocked at what you see! Hurrying to the basement […]

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Disaster Restoration from Winter Storms

With the start of December comes the increased chance of snow storms. Snow and ice storms can result in lots of home damage. Snow can be heavy and result in caved-in roofs. Ice can collect on power lines and tree limbs, causing loss of power and tree limbs to fall. Regardless of how bad the […]

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Fire Damage Restoration Because of a Space Heater

It’s not uncommon for some folks to supplement their methods for keeping warm and cozy while chasing away winter’s chill. One item that’s quite popular is the convenient space heater. While these devices can serve as an excellent source of warmth and comfort, they can also become a source of fire damage if they aren’t […]

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Water Damage from a Broken Washer

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and for the first time, you’re hosting the big family get together. As you’re working in the kitchen to finalize the menu, however, you hear a weird noise coming from the laundry room. You rush in, only to find a torrent of water gushing from beneath the washer! Everything […]

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Disaster Restoration Following a Fall Storm

November generally brings colder weather and strong winds to Harford County, MD. When extremely blustery winds cause trees to lose branches or topple completely and cause damage to your home or garage, you’ll need disaster restoration as quickly as possible to repair the damages and perform the required cleanup. Where in Harford County, MD can […]

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A Pyrotechnic Pumpkin Causes Fire Damage!

With October comes the preparation for the community haunted forest. This year, you’re creating costumes and your husband is designing pumpkins that blow their tops off. As you’re looking through costume patterns, you hear a muffled blast from the garage. You dash to the back door, and there’s your husband, safely watching as thick smoke […]

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Water Damage from a Broken Fridge

With the cool breezes blowing through Harford County, MD comes the preparations for the annual neighborhood Halloween party. This year you’re making your devilishly delicious yet visually gruesome zombie punch, complete with frozen grape eyeballs. While you’re in the kitchen preparing the punch, the fridge starts to make the weirdest worrying sounds. The next thing you […]

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A Party Leads to Disaster Restoration

With the start of school comes football season, and your Baltimore County, MD home has become the hub for your son’s high school football team. There are teenage boys constantly in and out of the house and keeping the cupboards and refrigerator full is a losing battle! Last night was a home game plus your […]

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Fire Damage Restoration Because of a Curling Iron

School is back in session in Harford County, MD, and getting your kids out the door on time was like herding cats! Your daughter didn’t even get to eat breakfast because she spent so much time on her hair! As you walk into the house after dropping them off you smell smoke…there’s a fire in […]

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