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Fire Damage Restoration from 4th of July Fun!

May 6th, 2020 · No Comments

With July comes the annual 4th of July celebrations. Bonfires and cookouts fill the day with yummy food, fun, excitement, and laughter. But cookouts and bonfires involve open flames which can pose a danger if not properly used and supervised. Do you know how to prevent fire damage to your Harford County, MD home from a grill or bonfire?


Fire safety should be first and foremost. There are steps that should be taken before you fire up the grill for a cookout or light a bonfire. Before a flame is struck, the environment should be inspected to ensure it’s safe to have a fire. Check your local ordinances for what types of fires are allowed, and make sure there isn’t a ‘no burn’ order in place due to dry or windy conditions. If the winds are high or the ground is dry, a spark outside of the fire pit could put local structures in danger of fire damage. For this same reason the placement of your fire pit is equally important. If the fire pit is too close to a building, you could cause fire damage to that structure.


Keep fire extinguishing measures close at hand. A garden hose, bucket of water, or a pail of sand is your first defense in stopping a fire that could be getting out of hand. By keeping these close by, you can react quickly and reduce the risk of causing fire damage to your Harford County, MD home or property.


When the fun has ended for the night, make sure the fire is completely out before retiring to bed. Any embers left smoldering can easily ignite anything flammable that lands in the fire pit. If left on their own, the coals of a fire can retain their heat for several hours, meaning the danger of a fire starting also lingers for hours.


While a grill is more contained, it still carries with it the same dangers as a bonfire. However, since grills are typically found closer to a house or structure, it’s critical to maintain vigilance and awareness while grilling to reduce the potential of fire damage.


Use a professional service for your fire damage restoration. If the bonfire or cookout gets out of hand and your Harford County, MD home suffers fire damage, using a professional service will ensure that the restoration process is done right and fast. ServiceMaster of Bel Air is the best professional service to help those in the Harford County, MD area with all their fire damage restoration needs. Our trained and experienced technicians use the most current tools and solutions to make sure your home or business looks like new and there isn’t any evidence the fire ever happened.


Give ServiceMaster of Bel Air a call at (800) 570-4206 today for all your fire damage restoration needs in Harford County, MD.

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