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The May Rains Are Coming! Water Damage Restoration in Baltimore County, MD

May 31st, 2019 · No Comments

The May rains have been unrelenting in Baltimore County, MD. The thunderstorms have cleared the air, but the continued rain has started causing problems because the ground is too saturated to absorb it all. Your yard is now a small pond and the street in front of your Baltimore County, MD, house is starting to look like a mud-filled river. You begin to worry about water finding its way into your basement, requiring water damage restoration. Do you know how to prevent flood damage? Here are some steps to follow.


  1. Stay ahead of the weather. The more snow that falls during the winter and the colder the temperatures are, the greater the chance of flooding is in the spring. Keep an eye on the temperatures as they warm up. The faster the temperatures rise, the more water that will be left to set atop the frozen ground. It’s important to watch the weather warnings to know when your home and property may be in danger. The more you know, the easier it is to take care of your Baltimore County, MD, home and family.
  2. Prepare your home for the flood waters and the flood damage. It’s important to listen to the authorities when they say to evacuate. Make sure to leave the area with your family and essential belongings. Prepare as much as possible before you leave by removing what you can and then moving items that you can’t remove to the top of the house. If possible, prepare sandbags and use them to surround the house in order to keep out as much water damage as possible. The more you do to prepare, the less water damage restoration you may need after the disaster.
  3. Start the flood damage cleanup process as quickly as possible. Once your home has survived a flood and is left with flood damage, you need to start the flood damage cleanup process as quickly as possible. ServiceMaster by Libby Green is here to help those in the Baltimore County, MD, with all their water damage restoration problems. Water causes damage quickly and can find its way into every crevice in your house. Getting professional water damage restoration help right away is the only way to ensure that all the water is removed and your Baltimore County, MD, home doesn’t suffer additional damage.


ServiceMaster by Libby Green trains its technicians in the techniques for water extraction and moisture detection so the residents of Baltimore County, MD, don’t have to worry about the job being done correctly. We know that flood damage and burst pipe cleanup can cause stress and problems, so the technicians at ServiceMaster by Libby Green will do all the work for you. For your water damage restoration needs in Baltimore County, MD, call ServiceMaster by Libby Green at (800) 570-4206.

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