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Recover from Basement Fires with Fire Damage Restoration in Baltimore County, MD

May 6th, 2019 · No Comments

You and your family have just returned to your Baltimore County, MD home after a quick trip to the grocery store. Your son heads in first and yells out that the house smells bad, and as you enter, you’re greeted with an acrid, intense stench. You quickly discover the basement laundry room is filled with smoke, and you hurriedly call the fire department.


After extinguishing the fire, they inform you the cord to the dryer had apparently short-circuited causing the insulation and surrounding materials to burn and smolder. It could have been far worse, but you’re still faced with extensive fire damage clean up. Where in Baltimore County, MD can you turn for fire damage restoration, and how could you have prevented this?


  1. Check the wires. From your phone charger to the washer and dryer, the wiring powering your most important items can fray and become damaged over time. Frayed wires can short circuits causing sparks and even a fire. Check the wiring of your appliances and electronics often to ensure that everything you use every day stays in safe and proper working order.
  2. Construction should never be taken lightly! Any time you’re performing construction on your home you need to know where all the wires are and how to shut off the main breakers. Accidentally cutting a wire or putting a nail through one when it’s live can cause injury to the person doing the work, start a fire, and cause fire damage to your Baltimore County, MD home. Your best course of action is to hire a professional carpenter for construction projects to avoid personal injury or potential damage to your Baltimore County, MD home.
  3. Wiring should be left to the professionals. If any part of your home improvement project requires wiring, do yourself and your Baltimore County, MD family a favor by hiring an electrician. Wiring a home or business sounds simple enough, but you must make sure everything is done correctly or you run the risk of fire damage. You need to make sure the wires are going to the right places and nothing is in contact that can cause fire damage down the line.


If you find yourself in the position where fire damage restoration is needed, call ServiceMaster by Libby Green to help you out. ServiceMaster by Libby Green is here for those in the Baltimore County, MD area for all their fire damage restoration needs.


Seeing your belongings going up in flames is stressful. We do all the fire damage cleanup for you to eliminate as much stress as possible from the situation. For fire damage restoration needs in Baltimore County, MD, give ServiceMaster by Libby Green a call immediately at (800) 570-4206.


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