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It’s Raining from the Ceiling! Water Damage Restoration in Harford County, MD

April 30th, 2019 · No Comments

Easter is quickly approaching, and you’ve been working like mad to get your Harford County, MD home ready for all your guests. You return home and unlock the door to find that your basement is flooded, and water is pouring from the ceiling. A pipe has burst, and your basement is now turning into an indoor swimming pool. Not only is your home going to be filled with friends and family in the next few weeks, but you now have a basement with water damage. Where in Harford County, MD do you turn for water damage restoration?


  • How much has been destroyed and how much can be saved? ServiceMaster by Libby Green can help the residents of Harford County, MD with all the water damage that they find themselves facing. The technicians of ServiceMaster by Libby Green have the training and experience to assess the water damage and know what tools to use to help you get your Harford County, MD home back to normal. The longer your items sit in water, the less likely that they’ll be able to be saved. Water takes the path of least resistance, and anything made up of fabric or porous material are the first items to be damaged and the hardest to restore. The technicians of ServiceMaster by Libby Green know exactly how to restore your items so you don’t have to worry.
  • Water extraction is harder than it sounds, so let the professionals do the hard work for you. The size of the room, type of flooring, and the amount of water will dictate what water extraction techniques are needed for the best results. From large pumps to wet vacuums and fans, the technicians of ServiceMaster by Libby Green have the right tools to get the water extraction done fast and right. Any water left behind can result in mold and/or mildew problems later on. We’ll ensure all the water is out so there are no secondary issues.
  • We don’t leave until you’re satisfied. Water damage can be stressful and often happens to your Harford County, MD home when you least expect it. The technicians of ServiceMaster by Libby Green make it a point to make the water damage restoration process as pain-free as possible. We’ll work with your insurance company so you don’t have to, making sure that everything is done correctly. We won’t consider the job complete until you’re happy with the result.


When faced with water damage restoration needs in Harford County, MD, your first call should be to ServiceMaster by Libby Green at (800) 570-4206.

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