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All Your Hard Work is Going Up in Flames! Fire Damage Restoration in Harford County, MD

March 15th, 2019 · No Comments

As the day dawns you’ve already been hard at work thinking up new and improved ways to market your Harford County, MD business. As you round the corner you see the street is filled with fire trucks, and you watch in a state of shock as smoke billows from your business. The fire department quickly stops the blaze and contains the damage, but your business requires extensive repair and restoration. Do you know what steps you need to take next and where to find professional fire damage restoration in Harford County, MD?


  1. Determining the amount of damage. Once the fire is out and the structural integrity of the building is deemed safe for reentry, call ServiceMaster by Libby Green to help you determine which fire damage restoration services are required to return your business to normal as quickly as possible. The technicians of ServiceMaster by Libby Green are expertly trained to identify and implement fire damage clean up, smoke removal, and soot removal services as needed.
  2. Fire damage restoration needs to start as soon as possible. When a fire is extinguished by the fire department, they use water and other chemicals. These chemicals and water mix with the smoke and soot from the fire, producing a mixture that creates a coating on all your valuables. This coating can cause secondary damage to your belongings. The fire damage restoration of your Harford County, MD business needs to start immediately to reduce the amount of time that this harmful mixture is coating your belongings.


Watching your Harford County, MD business go up in flames will be one of the worst days of your life and most stressful situations you will face. ServiceMaster by Libby Green will help relieve the stress by quickly cleaning away the trauma of the fire damage. When faced with fire damage restoration needs in Harford County, MD, your first call should be to ServiceMaster by Libby Green at (800) 570-4206.

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