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Preventing Fire Damage in Your Pikesville, MD, Business This Winter

January 24th, 2019 · No Comments

As the cold winds blow through Pikesville, MD, you notice that your clients and employees who smoke are slowly creeping closer to the building. While you understand their need to keep warm, their closeness to your building increases the risk of fire and smoke damage to your business. Because as they move closer to your building, so too does the plastic ash canister, and if that were to catch fire, it could be a source of fire damage to your building. If, by chance, it does cause fire damage, whom would you turn to? Our fire damage restoration professionals want to help you prevent such an incident. Keep reading to learn our top tips!


  • Beware of Small Embers. Most people don’t realize that one little ember from a cigarette can cause lots of fire damage. If the cigarette isn’t fully extinguished before it is put into the ash can, it can set the rest of the cigarette butts on fire, causing the ash can to burn. This burning ash can pose a risk to nearby buildings. If there is anything flammable near the entrance of the building, it could quickly catch fire. If a person decides not to put their cigarette into the ash can, but instead extinguishes it and puts it into the trash, this can also pose a significant fire risk. It’s best to double check that a cigarette is fully extinguished before placing it in either an outside or inside receptacle.
  • Smoke Can Leave Odors & Damage. While your employees may be smoking outside the building, the smoke from their cigarettes can cause the building to smell if they are smoking close to the entrance. Cigarette smoke is very pungent and distinct, making it difficult to clean out of the walls and floor over time. Don’t put yourself in a position where your business constantly smells; instead, let ServiceMaster by Libby Green help you with cigarette smoke removal to help keep your business smelling amazing.
  • Don’t Tackle Fire Damage Alone. If you find that you’re facing fire damage from either a wayward ember or the smell of cigarette smoke in your business, make sure your first call is to ServiceMaster by Libby Green. The technicians at ServiceMaster by Libby Green are here to help those in the Pikesville, MD, area with all of their fire damage needs. We have the tools to help with odor removal, smoke damage restoration, and soot removal. We’ll do all the hard work, so you don’t have to do anything but focus on your business and your employees.


When faced with fire damage restoration needs in Pikesville, MD, your first call should be to ServiceMaster by Libby Green at (800) 570-4206.

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