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3 Tips for Preventing Fire Damage in Pikesville, MD

July 3rd, 2018 · No Comments

Do you have a fire inspection coming up for your Pikesville, MD, business? Are you ready? These important inspections not only ensure your business is safe for your customers but also yourself and your employees. Here are some tips from the

at ServiceMaster by Libby Green to help you get ready for your fire inspection and prevent fire damage to your business year-round!

  1. Check Your Fire Alarm System: The first step to preventing fire damage is to make sure your fire alarm system is working properly. Each business requires a certain number of fire detectors and sprinkler heads, depending on the size and type of building. Codes may have changed since your last inspection, so make sure your fire alarm system is working and up to date. For help, contact whoever installed your system! They can check it and make sure everything is working and up to code.
  2. Check Your Safety Equipment: If a fire occurs, you need to have the right safety equipment to fight it. Again, the type and size of your business will determine what types of equipment and how many pieces you need on the premises. Check your equipment monthly to make sure everything is still working. For example, fire extinguishers should still read green on their pressure gauges. If they don’t, they’ll have to be replaced.
  3. Train Your Employees: The final step is to make sure that all your employees are trained to use safety equipment and how to evacuate the building. It’s beneficial for both you and your employees if you run a fire drill once every quarter. This ensures that they know where to go and you know how long it takes to be completed.

Unfortunately, you can do everything right and your business can still experience fire damage. That’s where the professionals at ServiceMaster by Libby Green come in. We have the tools, training, and expertise to treat any level of fire damage in your Pikesville, MD, business, getting you back up and running quickly. We’re available 24/7/365, so just give us a call at (800) 570-4206 for immediate assistance!

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