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Prevent the Need for Biohazard Cleanup in Your Bel Air, MD RV This Summer

July 31st, 2018 · No Comments

As the summer starts to come to a close you’re busy getting your Bel Air, MD home and RV winter ready. While it’s only just the beginning of August you and your family are booked every weekend through September and won’t have time to use the RV for the rest of the summer. You’ve spent a majority of the summer in Bel Air, MD instead of roaming the open road in the RV, so as you get ready to winterize it you’re not sure what you’re going to find.

As you approach the RV you’re greeted with the most intense and unpleasant smell you’ve ever experienced. In the air vent leading into the sleeping area of the RV, you find a critter has found its way into your RV and never left. It’s time for biohazard cleanup, but do you know who to turn to and how to prevent this in the future? The biohazard cleanup pros at ServiceMaster by Libby Green are here to help with our top tips!

  • Make sure all openings are sealed. The first step in ensuring that rodents and other small animals don’t find their way into your RV is to make sure that all openings are sealed. Things like air vents can be sealed using a small gauge fencing, like chicken wire, to ensure that the airflow isn’t interrupted but also so that living creatures can’t find their way in.
  • Make sure there isn’t anything to entice visitors. Before you close up your RV make sure you have cleaned up any food or other things that could entice visitors. If your cabin or RV has food and other edibles laying around the rodents and other animals will smell it and come to investigate. Trash needs to be taken out and removed from the property for the same reason.
  • Don’t perform cleanup yourself. If you find yourself in a situation where something has gotten in but couldn’t get back out, you shouldn’t do the cleanup yourself. Deceased animals present a host of biohazardous materials that can put your health at risk. ServiceMaster by Libby Green is here to help those in the Bel Air, MD area with all their biohazard cleanup needs. Our technicians utilize the appropriate protective gear and techniques to clean biohazardous materials, so your space is safe and usable again.

Whether it’s a critter in your RV or a crime scene, ServiceMaster by Libby Green can tackle any biohazardous situation. Our experienced, compassionate professionals will perform thorough biohazard cleanup to your Bel Air, MD, property, allowing you to get back to business as usual quickly. Don’t put yourself at risk by tackling biohazards yourself; contact our professionals at (800) 570-4206 for immediate assistance.

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