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What Elizabethtown, PA Homeowners Should Know Before Storm Damage Happens

September 28th, 2018 · No Comments

Summer storm season is still trudging onward towards fall in Elizabethtown, PA. Winds remain strong, rains continue to be heavy, and the sturdiest homes can still fall victim to weather-related damage even in these late summer months. The disaster restoration specialists with ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up recommend that homeowners everywhere take note of what damages a summer storm may bring. With the proper knowledge in hand after a storm, the first steps towards disaster restoration will be readily at your fingertips.

Storm damage varies widely based upon where you live, and not just internationally speaking. Of course, different states and countries deal with different types of storm damage, but even a much smaller area such as a town or even a neighborhood can suffer from varying degrees of damage from a single storm. The build of your home, the lot you live on, the elevation, and sheer dumb luck may all factor into the storm damage you deal with and the type of disaster restoration required.

For instance, if your home is located out in the open or on a hill, you may want to be more aware of dangers such as heavy winds and lightning. Unlike homeowners living in valleys, strong gusts and major lightning storms may see your elevated, open home as something of a target. Lightning and wind can, of course, occur anywhere, but if your home sticks up and out, it may be more susceptible to catching a stray charge or one good gust. This doesn’t mean that homes located in dips and valleys are completely safe, but the risk factors may not be fully equivalent.

For homeowners living in lower altitudes, on flat areas, or in valleys, storm damage may come in the form of water damage and flooding. Water by nature likes to travel downwards, and if that’s where you happen to live, you may be paid a visit when heavy rains come to town. Even if you don’t have full-fledged flooding to contend with, other types of storm damage can include leaking roofs, overflowing gutters, and increased potential for after-storm mold.

Luckily, thanks to the wide, wide variety of storm damage that’s possible, disaster restoration comes in many forms as well. No matter where in Elizabethtown, PA you live, disaster restoration services are available for your use after storm damage has occurred. Homeowners impacted by storm damage can call ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up today at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for additional information.

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