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How Do You Prevent Fire? The Fire Damage Restoration Experts in Pikesville, MD are Here to Help

January 17th, 2018 · No Comments

Fire damage happens in the blink of an eye. A fire can start unexpectedly, and generally the source of the fire is something that one wouldn’t expect. How do you prevent a fire from starting in the first place in your Pikesville, MD, home? ServiceMaster by Libby Green is here to help with these tips:

  • Take the time to frequently look around your home for anything that may start a fire such as lit candles, scent warmers, frayed wiring, or blankets too close to space heaters or radiators
  • Make sure that items that can cause a fire are well cared for and in good repair
  • If there are items that have frayed wiring, either replace them or have them professionally repaired to ensure the wiring is done correctly
  • If using items like space heaters or radiators, turn them off when you’re not in the room, and make sure anything flammable is kept a safe distance away

If you do everything in your power but are still faced with fire damage, ServiceMaster by Libby Green is here to help in the Pikesville, MD, area. Our technicians are trained in all the latest techniques and employ the latest technologies, cleaning solutions, and remediation tactics to ensure the fire damage cleanup is performed quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently.

Fire damage causes more damage to your Pikesville, MD, home than just the visual damage. When mixed with the water used to extinguish the fire, smoke and soot can create a toxic sludge that causes serious secondary damage when it collects on your belongings. Our technicians can help with smoke damage cleanup and soot removal to get your home and items looking like new.

We also perform HVAC cleaning during the fire damage cleanup to remove residual smoke and soot from the ductwork, vents, and furnace. If HVAC cleaning isn’t performed, your home could continue to smell like fire, smoke, and soot.

For any and all fire disaster restoration needs in Pikesville, MD, give ServiceMaster by Libby Green a call immediately at (800) 570-4206.

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