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Bargain HVAC Cleaning Leads to Fire Damage Restoration in Bel Air, MD

May 12th, 2017 · No Comments

The days in Bel Air, MD, are getting warmer. You had called a bargain HVAC company to come in and clean the HVAC system to prepare for the long summer air conditioning season ahead, and after about an hour of working in the utility room they inform you everything’s cleaned and ready to keep the office nice and comfortable. You set the thermostat to cool the office and get back to work.

Soon afterwards you begin to smell a strange odor. After a quick walk around, you can’t find anything to explain the smell, and the only place you haven’t checked is the utility room.  As you open the door the odor is so strong it burns your nose and makes you eyes water. As you turn to dash from the room it begins to fill with billowing clouds of black, acrid smoke, so you hurriedly dial 911.

After the fire department extinguishes the smoldering blaze and begins venting the building, you’re told it appears something went wrong with the HVAC system. The Fire Chief escorts you to what’s left of the utility room. The walls, floor and ceiling are badly scorched, and the heavy smell of smoke fills the building. Worse yet, there’s a thin layer of sticky, black soot covering almost everything. You silently beat yourself up for going with the bargain HVAC cleaning company. In your attempt to save a few bucks you now need a company in Bel Air, MD that can help with fire damage restoration.

ServiceMaster by Libby Green serves Bel Air, MD and can help you with all your fire damage repair and restoration needs. Our trained and experienced technicians will perform the smoke damage and soot removal quickly to reduce secondary damage. We’ll then apply odor mitigation to get the air quality in your building back to what it was pre-fire. We have state-of-the art technology that aids our technicians to perform the work efficiently and thoroughly so you can quickly get back to business-as-usual.

We also perform extremely thorough HVAC cleaning to remove harmful dust, contaminants, mold, and allergens from the HVAC system and ductwork of your facility to ensure everyone is surrounded by the cleanest and healthiest air possible in your work environment.

Any time you have a need for fire damage restoration in Bel Air, MD, immediately give ServiceMaster by Libby Green a call at (800) 570-4206.

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