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Someone Burned Their Popcorn in the Breakroom and Now You Need Fire Damage Restoration in Pikesville, MD

January 6th, 2017 · No Comments

You’re sitting in your office in Pikesville, MD, working hard on the new proposal that needs to go out by the end of the day. Suddenly, the fire alarms are going off, there’s a strong stench of smoke, and people are running past your office and out the door. You quickly get up from your desk, exit the building, and ask an employee if they know what’s happening. Apparently, someone put a bag of popcorn into the microwave and the bag caught fire. They managed to pull the flaming bag from the microwave, but as they were turning to toss it in the sink, it fell apart in a blazing mess. . .right into the trash can! This caused the trash to go up in flames, setting the break room on fire.

You stand there watching all your hard work going up in flames. The fire department arrives, extinguishes the blaze, and does their best to clear the smoke. Where do you turn? How do you get all of this cleaned up and get your people back in the office?

Those of us at ServiceMaster by Libby Green in Pikesville, MD, are here to help you with your fire restoration needs. We understand the effects of fire damage on your property. We offer smoke removal, fire damage cleanup, and odor removal. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you can get back into your business as quickly as possible.

We offer specialized technology to help aid us in the fire damage clean up process. We use hydroxyl technology in our odor clean up. The hydroxyl technology removes moisture from the air, making it easier to remove odor. The system works in a similar fashion as applying hydrogen peroxide to an open wound. Hydrogen peroxide removes bacteria from a wound, and the hydroxyl technology removes odors and other pollutants from the air.

ServiceMaster by Libby Green in Pikesville, MD, is one of the only fire restoration services that owns an Omegasonic machine. This device uses ultrasonic technology to restore your items back to their original state. This aids us in fire damage restoration by allowing us to make sure your possessions aren’t deemed as non-salvageable.

For all of your fire damage clean up and smoke damage restoration needs in Pikesville, MD, call ServiceMaster by Libby Green at (800) 570-4206.

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