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Why Care About Mold? ServiceMaster by Libby Green is Here to Alert You of the Danger of Mold and Importance of Mold Remediation in Your Bel Air, MD Home

February 25th, 2016 · No Comments

At ServiceMaster by Libby Green we are always talking about mold remediation, what it is, how we do it, what the specific terms of mold remediation are, but why? Why is mold remediation so important that you need to know about it to protect your Bel Air, MD home?

The answer is safety. Whether we are talking about the quality of your flooring or the safety of your roof’s support beams, mold can destroy a home and potentially cause serious injury to those living in the home. It is important to know about mold remediation because you never know when your Bel Air, MD home could fall victim to mold damage. In the event that mold damage goes untreated, a home could potentially crumble with the support beams insulation completely deteriorating. Flooring could fall out from under objects, and the walls could start to cave in or out…

Not only can mold create major damage to the interior and exterior of your home, it can do even worse things to your body. In a work environment, mold can cause serious irritation to a staff member or clients allergies. Mold lurking under the sink can infect the work environment, irritating sinuses as well as respiratory systems.

Even more dangerous is mold in a home environment, especially in homes with children. Mold in a home environment ensures that the residents of the home are constantly in contact with mold spores, causing chronic illness like symptoms. Mold can even be lethal in the event of an overgrowth of black mold.

Think your house doesn’t have mold? You’d be surprised. Mold is capable of growing in even the oddest of places. All it takes is a bit of moisture, whether it be under the stairs or in a small crawlspace it is much better to be safe than sorry.

So protect your Bel Air, MD home! Contact ServiceMaster by Libby Green at 800.570.4206. We offer high-quality home-saving mold remediation services that can not only protect your home’s internal structure but also protect your family.

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