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If All Else Fails, Service Master by Libby Green Can Remove Those Impossible Carpet Stains in Bel Air, MD

July 7th, 2015 · No Comments

Oh, those dreaded carpet stains! While some carpet stains are easy to remove, there are others that simply refuse to be washed away. Fear not, for there are quite a few ways from the book of home remedies—depending on the type of stain— that you can use to eliminate that unwanted patch residing on your living room floor. If those somehow fail, don’t panic! Just pick up the phone and call Service Master by Libby Green! We will apply the latest techniques for carpet cleaning and make the carpet in your Bel Air, MD home as good as new.

As described in the Reader’s Digest, there are a number of household items that can be used to remove stains from carpet:


Beer: That’s right! The world’s number one adult beverage doesn’t only possess the power to defeat thirst but can also eliminate the carpet stains beneath the coffee table upon which the brew sits. The best use of this home remedy is for tea or coffee stains. All one must do is pour a small amount of beer on the stain and then rub the spot lightly. You might have to do this a couple times before the tea or coffee is completely out of the carpet. The only downside is pouring that delicious beverage on the ground!


Shaving Cream: Not only does this foamy substance protect your skin while shaving, it can protect your household carpet by removing juice and grease stains. Whether it’s the cup of grape juice your four year old child spilled or the burger that accidently got knocked off the table, just spray some shaving cream and then rub with a wet sponge or cloth.


Salt: Shucks… did the red wine spill on your brand new white carpet? Instead of sitting in dismay, pop into the kitchen and grab the salt shaker! There is a four step process to utilizing this method. 1) Pour white wine on the spot to change the color of the stain. 2) Wipe down using a sponge and cold water. 3) Now apply the salt, and 4), wait for about ten minutes before vacuuming the area. Voila! You have a clean carpet!


There are plenty of other home remedies you can try to lift that stain off your carpet. However, there is one method that will always give you satisfying results: calling Service Master by Libby Green. Our equipment utilizes a hot water rinse that reaches a temperature of 200 degrees which out performs any other method available.


So, if you are out of beer, running low on shaving cream, or don’t want to test your luck with salt, pick up your phone in Bel Air, MD and call Service Master by Libby Green right now! We’ll remove that carpet stain for good!

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