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Green Friendly Methods to Improve Carpet Cleaning this Spring

April 21st, 2015 · No Comments

Believe it or not, spring weather is finally here! Tidying up the house for summer parties and shining up dusty furniture is on our to do lists. Part of this cleaning routine should include carpet maintenance to keep the air in your home fresh and free of microbial pollutants such as mold spores, pollen from spring flowers, and salt residue from winter boots.

It is easy to call a carpet cleaning service in Bel Air, MD to come in and do the job for you, but often, if petroleum based cleaners are being used, they can leave your home even worse off than before. Toxins from the soap can cause air to become quite unsafe for you and your family, requiring air ventilation and more money spent. If you are looking for a professional green friendly carpet cleaning company in the Bel Air area, contact ServiceMaster by Libby Green. We will gladly, and safely, combat all your carpet troubles. Below are a few helpful tips to DIY green-friendly carpet cleaning.

Baking Soda is an inexpensive way to periodically clean and freshen your carpet between professional cleanings. Sprinkle baking soda in a thin layer over the entire carpeted area, then vacuum for a revitalized carpet look and scent. If you are dealing with a pesky stain, try dabbing some vinegar on the stain for a non-toxic alternative to mainstream soaps. Let the mixture soak into the stain for five minutes. Sprinkle baking soda on top of the vinegar to absorb leftover moisture and prep for vacuuming.

Opening windows during warmer weather instead of turning on the air conditioner can save you money on your energy bill, but allows outside dust, dirt, allergens and pathogens to settle onto and into your carpeting. Vacuum often to keep your carpet as dust and dirt-free as possible. Schedule a deep and thorough cleaning at least once a year. This will help prolong the life of the carpeting by removing the grit and filth that frays and destroys carpet fibers.

Make sure the company you hire to professionally clean your carpet utilizes green friendly cleaning products in your home. ServiceMaster Clean® offers a specific green technology cleaning system that is biodegradable and detergent free. To call in their experts to assess your carpets today in the Bel Air, MD area, call ServiceMaster by Libby Green on our 24-hour hotline!

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