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ServiceMaster by Libby Green Provides Trauma Clean Up Services in Belair, MD

October 26th, 2015 · No Comments

Whether due to natural causes, a tragic accident or a violent crime, death is something we all encounter throughout our lives, yet it’s an emotional, earth-shattering event every time. In the immediate aftermath, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning up the scene, but the longer you wait the harder it becomes to restore both your good memories and the physical items in the space. ServiceMaster by Libby Green provides professional trauma cleanup services to discreetly deal with the practicalities of cleaning up while you sort the through the emotional experience.

Trauma cleanup is quite different from basic household or janitorial cleaning due to the fact that trauma scenes typically involve high levels of biohazardous materials and blood-borne pathogens such as AIDS, Hepatitis C and other diseases. That’s why all trauma clean up technicians wear full protective gear and use hospital grade disinfectants to scrub every spot that has come into contact with bodily fluid or tissue. Strong odors are another common issue, and require specialized equipment such as ozone machines that you or even a regular cleaning crew won’t have on hand.

Additionally, any materials too contaminated to be restored as well as the products used to clean and sanitize objects and interiors cannot simply be deposited in a regular trash dump. Again, due to the potential spread of pathogens, these items must be bagged and boxed into special biohazard materials containers and taken to a medical-waste incinerator to be burned. This requires a special permit and additional fees to do properly, which a professional trauma clean up company like ServiceMaster by Libby Green will be prepared for.

When a death occurs in your Bel Air, MD home or business, the emotional shock often overwhelms any rational thoughts you might have about cleaning up the scene once the coroner has left. At ServiceMaster by Libby Green, we understand your emotions are raw in this complicated situation, which is why we handle the practical need for trauma cleanup quickly, discreetly and professionally. If you have need of trauma cleanup services, contact us at 800.570.4206.

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