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Main Causes Behind the Need for Fire Damage Restoration in Jarrettsville, MD, by ServiceMaster by Libby Green


Fire damage in the home is always devastating. Damage can be caused by a number of elements, but the outcome is always the same. The home can be destroyed along with personal belongings that are precious to the homeowner. Most homeowners think that when a fire occurs, the home is damaged beyond repair and all belongings are lost, but this isnt true.

With fire damage restoration services by ServiceMaster by Libby Green in Jarrettsville, MD, your home and belongings can be restored with as minimal loss as possible.

It is important to understand the causes of fire in the home to try and avoid such damage. Read on below to see how fire can occur in the home and what can be done to minimize damage.

Electrical Fire

A common cause for fire damage to the home is an electrical fire. Electrical components need to be plugged into outlets correctly without overloading. Items should not be left plugged into outlets for extended periods of time due to overheating which can lead to fire. It is also important to know what type of wiring is located in your home. If you have old knob and tube wiring, the electrical system can catch fire and lead to the destruction of your home and belongings.

Heating Elements

When the weather turns cold we all like to stay warm in our homes. Many homeowners choose to save money by using plug-in electrical heaters that utilize heating elements. These heaters are a main cause of fire in the home during the winter months. It is advised that homeowners only use these devices when they are home, and never during the nighttime hours while asleep. Unattended units can overheat and cause fire damage to the home.

Restoration Solutions

With fire damage restoration in Jarrettsville, MD, you will have access to quality services to help minimize fire damage. Such services include odor removal, restoration of contents, emergency board-up services, and more. Smoke and fire damage, along with water damage from firefighter efforts, will need to be quickly and thoroughly cared for.

To learn more about our fire damage services, contact ServiceMaster by Libby Green. Our fire damage restoration specialists will be able to assist you to minimize the destruction to your home and belongings.