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Let Local Water Damage Restoration Experts Tackle Your Leaky Pool Problem

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and you’re excited to have your extended family over to your home in Harford County, MD. You’re heading out to your pool to get it ready for everyone to enjoy; however, as you walk into your pool shed, you notice the floor is covered in standing water. The pump system for the pool is leaking and you need to get it fixed. Once the plumber has come and corrected the problem, you’ll need to find help with the water damage. To whom in the Harford County, MD, area should you turn? Look no further than ServiceMaster of Bel Air; our experts are ready to help with your water damage restoration.

Where do you start with the water damage restoration process? Once the source of the problem has been corrected and water is no longer leaking everywhere, then the restoration process can begin. First you must remove the water from the area. Depending on the size and type of room impacted, the water damage restoration techniques used will vary. For smaller rooms, manual water extraction techniques can be used. Methods using pails, pumps, and hoses can quickly remove the water. You’ll then want to use fans to make sure everything is dry. The larger the room, the more difficult the water extraction, and the more techniques you’ll need to employ. Using a professional water damage restoration service can save you time and money.

What happens if all the water isn’t removed from the room? Water takes the path of least resistance, so porous surfaces soak up a lot of water, making it almost impossible to fully extract all the liquid. Any remaining moisture will start to break down the material and could eventually result in mold or mildew growth, which will require an extensive remediation process. If any mold or mildew remain, you run the risk of a re-infestation. Such infestations need to be dealt with quickly to reduce the risk of health issues. Complete water extraction will reduce the likelihood of facing a mold or mildew infestation.

Whom can you turn to for help? The intricate process of water damage restoration is complicated and stressful, and how could you possibly face this work alone? A professional service such as ServiceMaster of Bel Air ensures that the process is done correctly and quickly. The technicians at ServiceMaster of Bel Air are here for the residents of Harford County, MD, 24/7/365 for any water damage restoration needs.

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