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Flood Damage Prevention and Cleanup

Living in Baltimore County, MD, you sometimes experience hurricanes and heavy rains that can result is flash flooding situations. Knowing how to be prepared for flooding and preventing flood damage is important to ensure that you, your family, and your belongings can ride out the storms safely.


Move everything you can out of the line of danger. If your belongings can be moved to a higher floor or off the premises, you should move them as soon as possible. Anything that is left in the line of the rising waters will be damaged and may not be salvageable once the waters recede. The best way to protect your belongings is to prevent damage from happening from the beginning. Listen carefully to the local weather before the storm hits to determine how high the water might get, and then try to get you belonging above where the water line might be. If it’s not possible to move everything, focus on items that are porous, such as fabric items. Items that are non-porous, such as plastic or glass items, will be easier to clean and restore when the area is safe again.


Using sandbags can keep water from entering the building. Filling burlap or plastic bags with sand, kitty litter, or even rocks can help keep the water out of your building. The sandbags will act as a dam and hold back the water if the water is lower than the top of the sandbags. It’s important to make sure you stack the sandbags high enough so when the water peaks it doesn’t go over the top. Placing the sandbags in front of windows or doors, where there’s a potential for leaks, will ensure that the building stays dry for as long as possible.


Even after all the preventative measures, you may still need water damage restoration services. Sometimes the flood waters rise too high and water damage occurs in spite of your best preparations. Water extraction is the first and most important step in the water damage restoration process. All the water must be removed as quickly as possible. The longer the water is allowed to sit, the more damage, mold, and mildew problems your home and everything inside of it will suffer in the future.


You don’t have to face water damage restoration alone. ServiceMaster of Bel Air is here for those in the Baltimore County, MD area facing flood damage. The technicians at ServiceMaster of Bel Air know which tools and techniques are needed to make sure the water extraction is done completely and quickly, and we won’t leave until all the water has been completely removed.


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