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Review Fire Safety to Prevent Fire Damage Restoration in Harford County, MD

Fire damage restoration

In Harford County, MD, school is out for the summer. Your kids will be spending hours running around outside and inside the house. Your oldest is finally of age to be left home alone and take care of any younger kids. To prep your kids for being home alone, you should teach them about fire safety. This will prevent the need for fire damage restoration.

Fire safety starts with prevention. The best way to avoid fire damage is to prevent a fire from ever starting. Make sure you children understand how a fire starts or spreads so they know how to prevent it. Fire needs three conditions to start and spread: fuel, oxygen, and spark. Fuel can be anything that is flammable like paper or wood, which includes about 90% of the materials in your home. The more air a fire has, the bigger it will get and the faster it will spread. A spark is a heat source that starts burning the fuel. A heat source can be anything from an open flame to a hot curling iron. It’s important to pay attention and make sure there are no heat sources in the reach of anything flammable.

What your kids need to know. Your kids should know whom and how to call for help if a fire starts and they should know where to meet in the yard to ensure everyone is safely out of the house. The meeting spot you pick should be the same regardless of whether you’re home or not. You need to decide which kitchen appliances they are allowed to operate while you’re gone. Are they old enough to use the stove and know how to be careful of the burners and hot pots and pans? Or should they only use the microwave? Do they know not to put metal in the microwave? Make sure your kids know where the fire alarms are and what they sound like when they’re going off; the more information they have before you leave, the calmer they will be if faced with an emergency situation.

What to do if your home suffers fire damage. If preventing the fire didn’t work and your Harford County, MD, home still suffers from fire damage, you need a professional to help you put your home and life back in order. ServiceMaster of Bel Air is just the professional service you need. The technicians of ServiceMaster of Bel Air are available 24/7/365 to help with all your fire damage restoration needs. They’ll make sure you home is returned to normal as quickly as possible.

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