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Facing Fire Damage Restoration

Imagine that recently your home was overtaken with flames. The fire department arrived quickly and was able to extinguish the flames, but now your home has fire damage. What are the next steps and where can you turn for help with fire damage restoration?


You need to go through all your possessions. Each item in your home, regardless whether it was in the area that was fire-damaged or not, needs to be assessed. You’ll have to decide for yourself, or with help if needed, what state your belongings are in and what should be done with them. Are they completely destroyed and need to be thrown away? Are they minimally damaged and able to be repaired? Are they untouched by smoke, soot, and fire? Items that need to be thrown out should be; those that can be repaired should be done so quickly, and anything that is untouched by the fire should be removed during the fire damage restoration process. Without taking the time to evaluate your possessions, you won’t fully know how the cleanup process should proceed and what tools can and should be used.


Fire damage restoration needs to start quickly. Once you’ve assessed all of your belongings, the restoration process needs to start. During the fire extinguishing process, water mixed with soot to create a sludge that now coats your home and everything inside. The longer this sludge sets on your possessions, the more damage it causes. This secondary damage can be difficult to repair and may lead to you having to throw away some of those damaged items. Using a professional service like ServiceMaster of Bel Air for fire damage restoration will ensure the process is started quickly and done correctly without additional damage.


ServiceMaster of Bel Air is here for you. The technicians at ServiceMaster of Bel Air are trained in all the latest fire damage restoration tools and techniques. They can make sure your Baltimore County, MD, home is returned to its pre-fire condition. They can help in the assessment of your belongings and home so you know which items can be repaired and which items are utterly lost. Our technicians also offer pack-out and storage services, so you have a place for your belongings while your home is being repaired. You’ve just faced a disaster; don’t put the worry and stress of cleaning up after it on your own shoulders. Allow ServiceMaster of Bel Air to take on this heavy-lifting for you.


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