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Dishwasher Damage Results in Water Damage Restoration!

This year has been beyond crazy. For many months your restaurant has sat empty while the world stayed home. As things begin to get closer to normal and you’re allowed to begin serving again, you and your assistant manager start cleaning every surface and running all the dishes through the dishwasher to ensure everything has been fully sanitized. As the dishwasher runs for the umpteenth time today, water starts pouring from the bottom. Now, not only do you have to clean and sanitize everything, you need water damage cleanup and dishwasher repair. Where in Harford County, MD can you find quick and thorough water damage restoration services?


ServiceMaster of Bel Air should be your first call. When looking for help in the Harford County, MD area with all your water damage restoration needs, ServiceMaster of Bel Air is the first place to turn. Our technicians have moisture detection tools that help them determine if and where any water is hiding and use these tools to make sure all the water has been removed and the space is completely dry before they leave.


Water extraction must start as soon as possible to ensure your space can be saved. When facing a water damage situation, the first step is to get all the water out of the space as quickly as possible. While this may sound easy, water extraction can be difficult. Water extraction tools and techniques are dependent on the size and use of the room. The larger the room, the bigger the tools needed, and different room types will call for different water extraction expertise. Hard surfaces can be easier for water extraction than soft surfaces, like curtains and furniture. Using the professionals at ServiceMaster of Bel Air will ensure that the correct tools and methods are used every time and you can get back into your restaurant fast.


Help from start to end. When you use a professional service such as ServiceMaster of Bel Air for your water damage restoration needs, you ensure that the water damage cleanup is done correctly from start to finish. And, along with performing the water damage cleanup and water damage restoration work, ServiceMaster of Bel Air can work with your insurance company so you don’t have to worry about any of the paperwork.


When water damage strikes, call ServiceMaster of Bel Air immediately at (800) 570-4206 to ensure your Harford County, MD, water damage restoration services are done right!