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Disaster Restoration from Storm Damage

The last week of the year brought with it a huge snowstorm. The snow level is as high as your knees when you wade down the sidewalk. With the cold temperatures and the high winds, you haven’t been able to get out and rake off the snow from your roof. As you sit snuggly in your living room, you hear a crash above you. The snow and ice have come through the roof into your attic. Where in Harford County, MD, can you find disaster restoration and roof tarping services?


Clean up and repair have to start as soon as possible. Once the disaster has occurred, the cleanup and repair need to happen as soon as possible to avoid any secondary damage. The hole in your roof needs to be tarped so the snow, ice, and debris can be removed and your home protected. Roof tarping can be difficult since the roof still has snow and ice on it, making it slippery and dangerous. The technicians at ServiceMaster of Bel Air have all the right tools and training to ensure they know exactly what they’re doing and won’t get hurt while tarping your roof. Let the professionals take the calculated risk.


Pack out as many belongings as you can to start restoration. By using the pack-out and storage service that ServiceMaster of Bel Air provides, you can ensure that your small valuable items can be protected from further damage and the restoration process can start quickly. The removal of all your small belongings makes it easier to clean and restore all the big items that remain in your home. Disaster damage can be caused by anything from water to fire, and each cleanup process requires different tools and techniques. Using a professional service such as ServiceMaster by Bel Air ensures that the process is done quickly and correctly. Don’t take on the cleanup yourself; get professional help as soon as possible.


ServiceMaster by Bel Air is here to help everyone in the Harford County, MD, area with all their disaster restoration needs. Our team will work with your insurance company so all you have to worry about is keeping your family safe and comfortable while our technicians get your home back to normal. Don’t take on the stress of disaster restoration yourself. Instead, call ServiceMaster of Bel Air at (800) 570-4206 to make sure your Harford County, MD, disaster restoration services are done correctly.