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April Showers Bring Water Damage

April has started with a bang in many areas. In Harford County, MD, the month began with storms followed by more storms. The ground hasn’t yet completely thawed out, resulting in flooded yards and streets. On a particularly stormy night, you find that water is seeping in through your home’s foundation and your basement is […]

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Be Ready If Winter Offers a Need for Water Damage Restoration

Unless you really enjoy snowy weather, winter has been a stressful and annoying time for folks in Bel Air, MD. Let’s face it; shoveling your sidewalk and driveway can be a chore, and having to drive in snowy and icy conditions is the furthest from fun that can be imagined. Then there’s the trouble that […]

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A Leaky Water Heater Results in Water Damage

It’s your first day of work for the new year, but you’re tired and groggy and just want to jump into a warm shower to wake up. You turn the water on to let it warm up, but when you jump in, you find it hasn’t warmed up at all. You spend the entire shower […]

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Water Damage from an Open Basement Window

As the holidays get closer, the Harford County, MD, winter weather settles in. In the last week, there has been high winds and lots of snow. Today, there is a break with temps in the 40s, allowing a little of the snow to melt before the next big storm. You’re busy getting the house ready […]

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You Need Water Damage Cleanup Because the Family Destroyed the House

The holiday season is upon you and your home in Baltimore, MD, has become a hotel for your entire family. Every room has been turned into a bedroom and the bathroom is being shared by nine different people. You hear running water on the other side of the bathroom door, and when you open it, […]

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An Overflowing Tub Means You Need Water Damage Restoration

Your aunt and uncle are in town for Thanksgiving, and are staying for the week. You haven’t seen them in over a year, so while having guests can be a lot of work, you’re happy to have them. About an hour a go, your aunt went to take a bath, but you haven’t heard from […]

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Water Damage Restoration for a Burst Pipe

Your garden is finally winterized, the old plants are pulled, and the dirt has been turned. As the October afternoon slowly turns to a beautiful evening, you head into the basement to rinse your dirt-caked clothes before putting them into the wash. But, as you step off the final step, your foot lands in ankle […]

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Dishwasher Damage Results in Water Damage Restoration!

This year has been beyond crazy. For many months your restaurant has sat empty while the world stayed home. As things begin to get closer to normal and you’re allowed to begin serving again, you and your assistant manager start cleaning every surface and running all the dishes through the dishwasher to ensure everything has […]

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Flood Damage Prevention and Cleanup

Living in Baltimore County, MD, you sometimes experience hurricanes and heavy rains that can result is flash flooding situations. Knowing how to be prepared for flooding and preventing flood damage is important to ensure that you, your family, and your belongings can ride out the storms safely.   Move everything you can out of the […]

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