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Facing Fire Damage Restoration

Imagine that recently your home was overtaken with flames. The fire department arrived quickly and was able to extinguish the flames, but now your home has fire damage. What are the next steps and where can you turn for help with fire damage restoration?   You need to go through all your possessions. Each item […]

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Yearly Fire Inspection to Reduce the Need for Fire Damage Restoration!

It’s that time of year again for your Baltimore County, MD, business to undergo its yearly fire inspection. While this year has been challenging with Covid-19, and your business hasn’t been open as much as normally, the yearly fire inspection is still critical. Every year, your local fire department should inspect your business for fire […]

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Fire Damage Restoration from 4th of July Fun!

With July comes the annual 4th of July celebrations. Bonfires and cookouts fill the day with yummy food, fun, excitement, and laughter. But cookouts and bonfires involve open flames which can pose a danger if not properly used and supervised. Do you know how to prevent fire damage to your Harford County, MD home from […]

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Candle Sparks Fire Damage Restoration

Warm, gentle May breezes are blowing, and you’ve opened the house and are burning scented candles to remove the stale winter air. While in the laundry room folding clothes, you smell something burning. As you dash into the living room you find the curtains are in flames and the wall is quickly catching! Once the […]

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The Bonfire Got Out of Hand! Time for Fire Damage Restoration

The April winds bring warmer weather and the fun of weekend bonfires in Harford County, MD. After a late-night bonfire, your family goes to bed, only to be woken later by the smell of smoke. The bonfire wasn’t completely out, and drifting embers ignited the side of the house. In the aftermath of the fire, […]

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Fire Restoration for Burnt Office Popcorn

You’re working hard in your office in Harford County, MD, when suddenly the fire alarms go off and people start hurrying out the door. Afterwards, you find out that someone had put a bag of popcorn in the microwave but incorrectly set the timer. The bag caught fire, but instead of putting the bag in […]

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Fire Damage Made It a Halloween Night to Remember!

It’s Halloween night and the late October winds are howling through the trees like a werewolf at the full moon. Suddenly there’s smoke pouring into your house – one of the jack-o’-lanterns on the front porch has blown over, spewing hot, flaming candle wax onto the siding, flooring, and porch railing! Fire damage has hit […]

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Family Dinner Went Up in Flames! Fire Damage Restoration in Harford County, MD

It’s another September Sunday in Harford County, MD, and it’s your turn to serve family dinner. As the family begins to arrive the oven abruptly bursts into flames, and suddenly you’re fighting to save your home. Not your finest culinary moment, and now the kitchen is a burned-out mess. Where in Harford County, MD can […]

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Annual Fire Inspection Time! Fire Damage Restoration in Baltimore County, MD

As July ends, your Baltimore County, MD, business is due for its yearly fire inspection. Performed by the local fire department, these inspections aid in mitigating fire and safety hazards. By understanding the codes in your locality, you’ll know exactly which fire prevention tools you need to keep your business safe and passing inspection. Do […]

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