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Where to Turn for Disaster Restoration

A nasty August thunderstorm blew through the Harford County, MD area in the middle of the night. When you survey the damage at first light, you find your home has sustained substantial roof damage, and water is trickling down from the ceilings in several rooms. Simply put, your home is a disaster! Facing a disaster […]

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Strong Winds Blow! Disaster Restoration in Baltimore County, MD

Last night, strong winds blew through Baltimore County, MD. You thought you heard a crash, but you weren’t sure if it was real or a dream. You head out the door to get a look at the damage, and find a large tree branch has fallen through the porch railing. Not only did the porch […]

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Don’t Get Caught Off-guard by Disaster Restoration

Imagine a strong April storm has resulted in storm damage at your Baltimore County, MD, home. Gusty winds and heavy rains have left your yard littered with debris, including shingles from the roof of your house and garage. How are you going to clean up all of this storm damage? It will take you days […]

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Disaster Restoration from Storm Damage

The last week of the year brought with it a huge snowstorm. The snow level is as high as your knees when you wade down the sidewalk. With the cold temperatures and the high winds, you haven’t been able to get out and rake off the snow from your roof. As you sit snuggly in […]

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Disaster Restoration for a Hole in Your Roof Caused from Hanging Lights

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is around the corner, so your husband is on the roof putting up this year’s light display. Normally, you keep it low-key, but with how this year has been going, you decide to go all out and light up the entire house. As you’re placing your pine-scented candles on the […]

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Disaster Restoration from a Flying Fried Turkey

While the whole family can’t be over for Thanksgiving this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your family-famous fried turkey anyway. You head out back and put the turkey into the fryer, just like you do every year, but this year something goes horribly wrong. As the turkey slowly slides into the hot, bubbling […]

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Summer Storm Season Means Disaster Restoration!

The year 2020 has been challenging to say the least. Some challenges, like Covid-19, have been new, but others, such as summer storms, have been plaguing Harford County, MD, for years on end. The summer storm season has been long this year, and as September approaches, the August storms have left their share of damage. […]

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Summer Storms May Mean Disaster Restoration

As June rolls in, spring slowly turns to summer. While the country has gone through one of the biggest health challenges it has faced in centuries, mother nature doesn’t take a break. Spring was ‘easy’ with just thunderstorms and the occasional high winds. However, how do you prepare for the summer storms that could assault […]

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Saturated Soil and High Winds! Disaster Restoration in Jarrettsville, MD

The weather in Jarrettsville, MD as of late has been so rainy and gray you feel like you’re going to float away. The ground is so soggy it feels like you’re walking on sopping wet sponges. You were just listening to the weather report and heard there’s a chance for high winds tonight into tomorrow. […]

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