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A Broken Bathroom Fans Leads to Mold Remediation

Spring in Baltimore County, MD brings sun and warming weather. You’ve been working hard in the yard all day and the warm shower feels great on your sore muscles. As you rinse your hair you look up to the ceiling and notice a large dark area that hadn’t been there before. After your shower you take a closer look and discover it’s mold! You’ve been meaning to get the broken ventilation fan in the bathroom replaced, but now it’s too late! Where do you turn for mold remediation in Baltimore County, MD?


How does mold grow? Mold is a fungus that loves to grow in warm, dark, damp locations such as the bathroom, basement, or kitchen. In the woods mold has the job of breaking down organic materials. In your home, however, all mold does is cause damage and health problems. The first step in avoiding the need for mold remediation is to prevent mold from forming.


Preventing mold is the best way to ensure you won’t need mold remediation. Using a ventilation fan in the bathroom during a shower will ensure the moist, warm air is ventilated out of the room and won’t have a chance to settle. The walls will stay drier, and drier walls mean less chances for mold. In areas where there’s a lot of moisture, a dehumidifier will keep the humidity lower, making the area drier and more difficult for mold to grow and become established.


Mold remediation is a process that should be left to the professionals. Mold grows and spreads through spores that are carried on the wind. Mold remediation involves the cleaning and sanitizing of the area that was affected. If the area isn’t properly sanitized the mold can quickly reinfest. It’s important during the mold remediation process that the area is searched in its entirety and proper steps taken to ensure there aren’t any remaining spores. It’s also important to correct the issues that caused the mold growth to start. Using the professional mold remediation services offered by ServiceMaster of Bel Air will ensure all the mold has been removed and the area thoroughly sanitized, guaranteeing your Baltimore County, MD home is a healthier and safer place.


ServiceMaster of Bel Air has the trained technicians and all of the equipment and cleaning solutions required to help those in Baltimore County, MD with mold remediation. If you find that mold has invaded your home, contact ServiceMaster of Bel Air at (800) 570-4206 as soon as possible for our thorough mold remediation services.

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