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An Overflowing Tub Means You Need Water Damage Restoration

Your aunt and uncle are in town for Thanksgiving, and are staying for the week. You haven’t seen them in over a year, so while having guests can be a lot of work, you’re happy to have them. About an hour a go, your aunt went to take a bath, but you haven’t heard from her. You head upstairs to be met by a river running from under the bathroom door and your aunt coming out of the bedroom rubbing her eyes. She fell asleep while filling the tub, and now the overflowing water has flooded the bathroom. Where in Baltimore County, MD, can you find help with water damage restoration?


You have to first stop the water from flowing. Before any cleanup can start, the flow of the water must be stopped. Make sure the taps for the tub have been shut off and the tub is starting to drain. If the water continues to flow, any cleanup will be in vain. Sometimes stopping the water is as easy as shutting off the tub taps; other times it’s more difficult, like trying to find the main water shutoff for a burst pipe. Whether you can stop the water flow yourself or you need a professional is the most important decision of the water damage restoration process.


Water extraction is the next step. Water extraction is the removal of the water, and the technique used to accomplish this depends on the size and purpose of the room. A large unfinished basement that is mostly concrete and wood beams may call for large fans and a water pump. A living room or bedroom full of furniture and soft, porous materials may require additional heat sources and moisture detection tools to ensure that water isn’t hiding in the walls or carpeting. How could you be expected to know how to do all this yourself? The answer is, you’re not.


Turn to the professionals for help with water damage restoration. The technicians at ServiceMaster of Bel Air are trained in all the latest tools and techniques to ensure your home looks and feels like new after a flood incident. They have the latest in moisture detection technology so the water can’t hide and mold can’t make itself a home in your home. Not only will the folks at ServiceMaster of Bel Air help with the water damage restoration, but they will also work with your insurance company. All you have to do is relax and let the professionals do the hard work to get you back into your Baltimore County, MD, home as quickly as possible.


When facing water damage in Baltimore County, MD, turn to the experts at ServiceMaster of Bel Air. Give us a call at (800) 570-4206.