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A Leaky Water Heater Results in Water Damage

It’s your first day of work for the new year, but you’re tired and groggy and just want to jump into a warm shower to wake up. You turn the water on to let it warm up, but when you jump in, you find it hasn’t warmed up at all. You spend the entire shower shivering and hoping that the water will eventually get warm.


Once you’re out you head to the basement, and when you open the utility room door, you find that the water heater had sprung a leak and the room is flooded! Now you need a new water heater and some serious water damage restoration, but where in Baltimore County, MD can you find the water damage restoration services you need?


Water damage can lead to secondary damage. Water takes the path of least resistance and easily gets absorbed into walls and furniture. It’s important during the water extraction process that the walls and furniture are completely dried. To ensure they are dry, a moisture detection tool should be used. Any water or moisture left behind can result in mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew can cause health issues and structural damage if it isn’t caught and cleaned quickly. Don’t leave yourself open to secondary damage from mold or mildew growth. Make sure the water extraction process is done correctly right from the beginning.


Using a professional service for water damage restoration will give you peace of mind. Using the professional services of ServiceMaster of Bel Air will ensure your Baltimore County, MD home is cleaned and restored quickly and correctly. Our technicians are trained in all the latest tools and techniques for water extraction and moisture detection and won’t leave until everything is completely dry and back to normal. Let the ServiceMaster of Bel Air technicians do the hard work so you know it’s done right.


Water damage can be stressful and upsetting as you watch your home and belongings get destroyed and washed away. But water damage doesn’t have to be the end. The technicians at ServiceMaster of Bel Air will help restore your home to is original condition and you’ll never know you faced water damage.


When confronted with the need for water damage restoration in Baltimore County, MD, contact ServiceMaster of Bel Air immediately at (800) 570-4206.