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A Badly Burned Apple Pie Leads to Smoke Damage Cleanup

You come home from an afternoon of Christmas shopping to find the house filled with thick, acrid smoke and your oven looking like a chimney. Your daughter thought she’d be helpful and start baking the pies, but she got distracted, and now the apple pie looks like a nasty lump of smoldering charcoal! Luckily, there weren’t any flames, but the smoke damage is extreme and the smoke damage cleanup is going to be difficult.

The flames aren’t the only damaging part of a fire

While the flames of a fire can physically destroy your belongings, they aren’t the only damaging part of the fire. The smoke that floats through the air during a fire includes soot and other particles that stick to every surface. This smoke and soot can discolor the surfaces of your belongings, and when mixed with water or any other extinguishing agents, can leave a messy sludge behind. This sludge can lead to secondary damage and must be cleaned up as quickly as possible to ensure your belongings don’t need to be discarded.

Smoke damage doesn’t just affect the room where the fire occurred

The flames of a fire can often be contained to the room where the fire occurred. Smoke, however, floats through the air and the air ducts and can often cause damage in other rooms of the house. It’s important to check every room and your air duct system after a fire. Any smoke or soot left behind can cause long-term health consequences if they aren’t mitigated quickly. Elderly folks or folks that suffer from breathing ailments may find it difficult to breath after a fire because they’re inhaling particles from the smoke and soot. Getting the air ducts and your furnace cleaned and serviced after a fire will minimize these complications.

Use a professional service for your smoke damage cleanup

Using a professional service, like ServiceMaster of Bel Air, will ensure your home is restored correctly and quickly. The technicians at ServiceMaster of Bel Air are trained in all the latest technology and tools in smoke damage cleanup and will ensure your home is clean and safe for everyone.

Don’t let a badly burned apple pie ruin your holiday season! Give ServiceMaster of Bel Air a call at (800) 570-4206 to make sure your Harford County, MD smoke damage cleanup and fire damage restoration services are done right.